Surrendering an Animal

There is a myriad of reasons why people need to surrender their pets such as owners moving into care facilities, moving overseas, death of an owner.    

If the need arises that you have to surrender you pet, it is imperative that you do not leave it to the last minute to organise it as it can take some time to find a suitable foster care placement. The actual surrender can be last minute but, please, give us ample time to enable us to process and organise things at our end.

If you have no other options for rehoming your pet, then please follow the instructions below.

Please provide as much honest and accurate information as possible. This is used to aid us in determining if we are presently able to take in your animal(s). We would appreciate full disclosure – we are willing to take on animals with medical or behavioural issues, however we need to be aware of them to determine if we have an appropriate foster home available. 

Process for Surrendering an Animal

  • Complete the Surrender Form. 
  • Wait to be contacted. Completing a surrender form does not mean we will automatically be able to help. Continue to look for alternatives - we are a small group and can not help every animal. We recommend using the Rescue Directory at PET RESCUE 'RESCUE DIRECTORY' and filtering by state to give you a comprehensive list of organisations to contact.
  • You must be able to produce some form of proof of ownership to ensure that you have a legal right to surrender your pet
  • If your pet has been microchipped, locate the original micro-chip form as this has the necessary notification on it regarding "Change of Ownership" which can be completed at the time of surrender. The microchip must be registered to you for you to legally surrender him/her.
  • If you cannot locate the original microchip form, you need to first determine which registration company was used and download the appropriate form.  (See below for the list of companies and links to forms.)
  • If you cannot determine which company your pet's microchip was registered with, you may need to attend your local vet to have your pet scanned for the microchip number and hence ascertain the company via inquiries with the different companies listed below.
  • After appraisal of the Surrender Form and your pet is to be accepted by Melbourne Animal Rescue, arrangements will be made for the actual surrender to take place.  At the time of surrender, you will be required to sign a "Surrender Contract" which is a legally binding contract.

 Please note:  The Surrender Contract is a legally binding contract.





Change of Ownership Must be notified in writing and must be signed by both the former owner and the new owner. Please address ownership changes to: PetBase Pty Ltd PO Box 6804 Baulkham Hills NSW Australia 1755



No information available on website regarding Change of Ownership



See website for change of ownership



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