Foster Carers - Laura and Sue B

Millie MaeWe have been fostering for nearly a year, within this time we have had the pleasure of fostering 5 dogs. When you foster an animal you have the pleasure of seeing an animal that has often come from a poor background grow and come out of their shell. All of the dogs we have fostered have come to us timid but with time and patience they have become loving and seem like different dogs Every rescue animal has their baggage some come with a big suitcase while some come with a little backpack, but being able to help these rescue animals with this baggage and teaching them how to cope in different situations is the first step in them being adopted. . Being able to help these dogs cope in different situations is the best feeling that you can have. When an animal that you have fostered gets a home it is gratifying to see them going to a loving home and knowing that you helped the animal in achieving their furever home. Seeing these animals going to loving homes is the main reason why we foster, as we may not be able to help all the rescue animals but knowing that you are at least helping one is very rewarding.

Our latest foster dog Millie Mae came to us a few months ago. She was a dog that was distrustful of people and other dogs. Her first night she did not socialise with our two dogs but sat on my dad’s knee all night. From that night she started to trust us and even bonded with our dogs. Within a week she had “adopted” my dad as hers because of this he decided to adopt her from MAR. Within the short time period we have had her she has become a valuable member of our family. With my dad taking her to dog training every Saturday (the first time he has trained a dog) to taking her to situations she has never experienced before (for example to the beach). She still has a long road to go in certain aspects of her personality that we have to help her to overcome but we are certain that with patience she will be able to overcome her issues and be able to cope in a variety of different aspects. The bond that her and my dad have, shows just how much companionship you can get from a rescue animal.Millie Mae

The love and companionship that you get from a rescue animal is nothing like anything else that you will ever experience, as once you have the love and trust of a rescue animal you have a friend for life.








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