Renting, University Student

1 samIt was not long after moving out of my family home, and having to leave behind my beloved family dog, that I started to wish I hadn't moved into a tiny flat and could have a pet! But I realised that while a dog would not work, my situation was perfect for indoor cats.

Since applying to foster for MAR I have fostered four adult cats and two kittens (not all at once!), and have seen them all move on to loving homes. I thought it would be difficult to see them leave after loving them as my own, bonding with them and, in the case of the kittens, watching them blossom from near-feral scraggly kittens to purring, cuddly smooshing machines.. but it was actually the opposite; I could not be happier that I helped save each of their lives, and gave them a chance at a new home where they will be loved like a part of the family.

Happiness and love aside, though, it also worked really well around my uni timetable. I was able to arrange for my fosters to be temporarily cared for if i had to leave on holiday, MAR paid all the vet bills and even donated food, toys and other items when they could. All I had to do was donate my love and attention, and I well and truly did that. I can not recommend being a foster carer enough! It has made a huge impact on my life.







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