Single, Retired and Renting

Some foster cats and dogs

This is my Facebook cover image of my own pets and just some of the foster cats and dogs that I have had over the years through various rescue organisations, including Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc.  

The magnificent 'Davey', fostered for MARI am lucky that I live on a semi-rural property and my landlords, who also live nearby, do not object to me having extra animals here at all.

I was an unwilling retiree due to ill health in 2006 and I couldn't think of a better way of filling my days and lots of spare time than with saving and helping animals and people too.  Some of the dogs that I fostered through Lort Smith Animal Hospital already had owners but they were unable to care for them at the time, generally because the owner was in hospital.

Yes, it is hard bonding with the different animals with the knowledge that you have to give them up at some unknown time in the future but this is really short lived pain ameliorated by seeing your foster cat or dog going to a loving home with a long and bright future.  

The short term pain of losing my fosters is nothing compared to watching them regain the trust of humans perhaps lost through previous abuse or neglect or change from being undernourished and scared to healthy and confident.  

As a foster carer, I see my role as being responsible for bringing out the best in the animal that is in my care, to foster a loving and nurturing environment for them to shine.  Honesty, is extremely important, when writing profiles of the animals in my care.  The new owners need to know not only of their positive traits but also about the negative, if any, as it is vital that the new owners are fully appraised of their new pet to reduce the chance of that pet ever needing to be rescued again.

Yes, it hurts occasionally - but to not foster knowing that so many animals may not be here today because I didn't want to get hurt - just isn't an option.  


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