Important Microchip Information


Please check your pet's microchip number, and if it is within the following range of numbers, please go to your vet clinic ASAP to have your pet scanned to ensure it is still scanning.

Unfortunately this range of chip numbers distributed by Virbac are potentially faulty - meaning some do not scan and therefore your pet cannot be traced to you. The potentially faulty range for pets chipped within Australia is: 900 088 000 046 343 AND 900 088 000 545 680.

If your chip is one of these, your vet will re-chip your pet, and they can then contact Virbac for reimbursement on your behalf (Attn. Michelle Murdoch, Technical Product Manager)

Please contact your vet for more information, or if you pet was adopted from MAR and has an affected chip, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.



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