The importance of attending pounds/shelters in person if you have lost your pet!

(The following information was originally published on Face Book - author unknown)

I want to say something VERY important to anyone looking for a lost pet.

Check out these two photos. Believe it or not it is the same dog. It is MY dog. The photo on the left is the photo the animal shelter (pound) took of him. The photo on the right is a photo I took of him.

He was labelled simply as a mixed breed by the shelter. No definition. No explanation. They said he was a year old but his microchip dates back to being implanted 4 years PRIOR. I say this so you understand how important it is to go into a shelter (pound) and check in person.

Information is not always correct on a dog listed and:

  • Photos do not do an animal justice.
  • If your pet has been lost for a while their appearance may have changed due to stress, weather, diet, etc.
  • Animal shelters (Pounds) are not taking a photo shoot of your (lost) pet.. They just snap a quick photo and slap it on a profile.


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