Little Dude

Last week (Feb 2020) we took in this adorable tiny Bub who had been bought into a vet clinic as a stray. Sadly at only 5 weeks old, he has been unfortunate enough to have lived a life of poor nutrition, and whilst finding himself abandoned on the side of the road, he was attacked ... at some point by a bigger animal. Despite this, he was very friendly, very hungry and showed that he has an amazing fighting spirit!

He was taken to an avian specialist to be placed under a general anaesthetic for X-rays, where sadly it was found he injuries were much worse than first thought! 

This poor baby, who we have dubbed 'Little Dude' had a total of 8 fractures which were no doubt partly due to poor nutrition and breeding practices, and he also suffering from Ricketts!!!!

How an animal this tiny has survived we honestly have no idea, but we are committed to getting him back to peak health and finding him a new home just as we would for any dog or cat.

Little Dude was an unexpected rescue, but we couldn't see him suffer and he is now on multiple different medications and a nutritional and rehab plan. We so far have spent over $400 and the costs are rising, so we are asking our bird-loving supporters for a little help. If you love your feathered friends just as much as the furred ones we usually rescue, please consider donating a few dollars to Little Dude so he can get the best medical care available! Details on how to donate are below

For those interested in improving their bird's health, please read the following nutritional information for Budgerigars -

  • Dry seed alone is very high in fat while being low in protein and many essential vitamins and minerals
  • A budgerigar kept entirely on dry seed can end up with multiple problems such as poor feathering, respiratory disease, fatty liver and diabetes
  • The best diet for a budgerigar includes pellets, fruit and vegetables and small amounts of seed as a treat
  • The diet we recommend be fed:
    • High-quality budgerigar pellets.  (These are low in fat, and high in vitamins and minerals that your bird needs. Pellets should form 50% of the diet.)
    • A range of fresh fruit and vegetables (These should always be available for your bird and provided fresh daily. Peas, corn, broccoli, celery leaves, capsicum, carrot, spinach. Darker coloured vegies are generally more nutritious.)
    • Budgerigars usually appreciate fresh grasses and native plants, especially the seed heads. Milk thistle is also good for birds.
    • Flowers, branches and leaves from the common natives are safe to give your budgerigar. They provide a good supplementation of food and entertainment for your bird.
    • Freshwater always available and changed daily


Donations for Little Dude over $2 are tax-deductible, please contact us if you require a tax receipt. 

Donations through Givenow

Direct bank transfer -

Melbourne Animal Rescue
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