NellieMelbourne Animal Rescue Inc is a non-profit organisation. We rely on a combination of public donations and fundraising proceeds to recoup the many costs associated with rescue. Rescuing animals is an expensive endeavour, particularly if an animal requires vetwork additional to standard requirements or behavioural training. Examples include specialised diets, surgeries, tests and medications for issues and training sessions. Sometimes we rescue animals from rural areas or from interstate which gives us a transportation bill. Our fundraising endeavours include events, competitions and online auctions.  

Procedure Number Estimated Cost
Desexing** 480 $72,000
Vaccinations* 605 $24,000






 **   Desexing is guestimated at 80% of the total number of dogs and cats that have come into care require desexing and at an average cost of $150.00 - females always cost more to be speyed than males to be neutered.  (See The Journey So Far for the number of adoptions.)

*   Vaccination cost is guestimated at the total number of dogs and cats generally requiring at least two vaccinations whilst in care.

The costs above are just a sample and do not include: non standard vet work such as illness, emergencies, dentals, orthopeadic surgeries, food, medicines, special diets, worming, kenneling and professional training when required, petrol for the constant driving around for pick ups, drop offs, home visits, vet visits etc etc etc.

The adoption fees do not go anywhere near covering all of these costs which is why we need to continually fund raise and look for willing business sponsors, so please do not offend by asking for discounts or querying the cost of adoption.


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