Rupert - 'Roo' 'Roo-poo', 'Meowtzi-tung' 

RupertSince the day we began fostering Rupert in February 2012 he has continued to blossom from a timid little puss into a lively, talkative boy that's full of character. Within a month of fostering Roo we fell far too in love and he became a permanent part of our family.

A large, beach themed enclosure was constructed to keep Roo safe and give him freedom to play outdoors and he adores his daily expeditions (on a harness) around the garden where he watches the birds at close range, feeds on fresh cat-nip leaves and clumsily attempts to climb trees.

He sleeps on the bed of course and forever seeks a knee to curl up on. We are constantly having funny conversations (or meowing competitions) with him as he does not stop talking and we all agree he is the best cat in the world.

Rupert is a pleasure, he is my baby-cat and we are so happy to have such sweet pea.

Thank-you M.A.R.


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