Pawfect EndingsĀ - Oliver & Vyvyan aka Punky & Maltesers aka "My Lords" aka "The Boys"

It's hard to imagine a time without our furry bundles of joy, as they're such a big part of our family now. Although we adopted only four months ago (June 2014), it feels like we've been together forever.

We're now a happy family of six (four human, two feline!). We fell in love with Oliver and Vyvyan when we met them and took them to our carefully prepared home - we'd set things up so the boys (aged about six months) wouldn't be nervous or frightened in this big new space.

From the moment they set foot inside our home they owned it and walked around inspecting everything as if they'd always been here.

We did rename them, thanks to the kids choosing a name each so the officials names are Punky and Maltesers ("the boys") now, but truthfully we can't resist whatever nicknames come to mind.

Punky and Maltesers are brothers and love each other very much, often curling up together in whatever tiny box they can find. Punky was born with a short stubby tail but this does not affect his balance or ability to climb and be cheeky! They do get up to mischief (secretly, we like it) and a big part of our day is hearing them tear up and down the house chasing each other and wrestling and leaping on to their cat tree to see who gets the top seat.

Both cats are always happy and brilliant with children, when our kids have friends over the boys see this as an opportunity for more pats and attention and they sure get it! Visitors always comment on how friendly they are.

We're now building the boys a shaded outdoor enclosure which we know they will love. We love them dearly and every day we are greeted with the sight of them rolling over and expecting a tummy rub.

They're such funny little personalities and adopting them was the best thing we ever did-- now we can't imagine our lives without them!


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