Introducing Tim Tam

(aka 'Tammers' or 'TimmyTams')



timtam frontTim Tam is a deliciously addictive dark tortie who is a brilliant, curious, problem-solving, independent and fierce woman!
Quite shy and reserved at first, she's coming around to enjoy pats from humans and will reward your patience with lots of love and trust.
She's the definite leader of her sisters (Iced Vovo and Gingernut), but loves to play and sleep with them, loves gentle play with humans, and can probably solve a Rubix cube in less than 10 seconds. Habits include finding out where that noise came from.
Tim Tam would be best suited to an adult home with no kids, or very cat savvy teenage kids. She is a 'covid kitten' so hasn't had many visitors into her foster home, so can be quite reserved at first and will need a calm and cat savvy new home that will be patient with her.
Tim Tam is an inside only cat.
If you are interested in this delicious scrumptious beauty, please fill in an application form with as many details as possible - LINK


NAME Tim Tam
AGE Approx 7 months
MICROCHIP 956000007406494
SEX Female
PR Source Number: EE101639



Cat Adoption Process

  1. Application Form (Cat Adoption Application) completed via our website, including any questions you have
  2. Melbourne Animal Rescue reviews and contacts applicants within approx 3 days
  3. Meet and Greet with the cat/kitten in it's foster home is arranged at a convenient time for both the foster carer and potential adopter
    Adoption Agreement is signed, Change of Ownership form is completed, and Adoption Fee is paid in cash (unless pick up is occurring another day, then a direct deposit can be arranged). This usually happens at the same time as the Meet and Greet if the potential adopter wishes, though this is dependent on how the Meet and Greet goes.
  4. A cat carrier is required to ensure cats/kittens get to their new home safely.
  5. Adoption Pack is mailed after the 14 day trial period

Cat Adoption Policy

Please note: completing an adoption form does not guarantee that an adoption will take place.

Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. reserves the right to choose the most suitable applicant and reject those deemed less suitable.

Occasionally, there can be multiple applications for the one animal and there is no 'First In - Best Dressed' - the multiple applications are vetted for the most suitable.

We do our utmost to contact all applicants, including those who are unsuccessful, to infom them of the result but as we are staffed by volunteers, most of whom work full time, occasionally responses are overlooked and we apologise in advance if this occurs.

MAR does not adopt to those who are not permanent residents of Australia.

Also note the following strict policies, designed for the cat’s health and safety;

  • White cats will only be adopted to indoor only homes
  • Cats with pale noses/ear tips will only be adopted to indoor only homes
  • Cats that will be allowed outdoors will only be adopted to homes on quiet streets, away from main/busy roads and intersections


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