About Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc

Melbourne Animal Rescue Incorporated (MAR) is a community foster care network that was founded in July 2010. We became a registered charity in March of 2015

MAR is made up of a network of volunteer foster carers who look after animals in their own homes until a suitable new owner is found. We have no central location (i.e. a shelter or head office), and we firmly believe in the foster care model. We rely on public donations and fundraising to enable us to keep rescuing animals.

We take in cats and dogs that are surrendered by their owners, abandoned, and those on death row at Victorian Pounds.

MAR is a “no-kill” organisation. This means that we go to great lengths to rehabilitate animals when they need it, instead of euthanising to save money or time. Animals that come to us can require extensive medical treatment, specialised diets, and, in the case of past neglect or abuse, emotional rehabilitation, which includes re-socialisation, behavioural modification and obedience training.

We ensure that our animals are placed in a temporary foster home that will allow them to thrive (i.e. matching them with the lifestyle of the people, and personalities of existing pets in the foster home), and we carry that diligence through to the adoption process. All of our available pets have a full personality profile so you can find a pet that will suit your family perfectly.



ABN 72 128 375 725

Incorporated Association No. A0059540U





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