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Please ensure that you read the entire profile prior to submitting either an adoption application or an email seeking further information.

A copy of the Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. Adoption Policy and Process is attached at the bottom of this profile.

While we endeavour to reply to all emails and adoption applications within 3-5 business days, time constraints imposed by other responsibilites may delay our response time.

Introducing Adelaide



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adelaide 10 tn

This beautiful fine lass is looking for a loving hound savvy family to call her very own!

This beautiful leggy supermodel (greyhound x whippet) has only just turned 12months and would love a family of her very own to love, and we mean looooooove!

Little Miss Adelaide, or Radelaide as we like to call her, as she is very very rad, would love a home with another dog to keep her company. Adelaide loooooves canine buddies and happily shares her foster home and bed and of course couch and even laps with another greyhound x (Chai, also available for adoption) and a little fluffy terrier. Adelaide does not have a mean bone in her lanky body and loves to zoom around with her canine pals. She can get quite exuberant when meeting new dogs and uses her zoomy sticks (legs) to play with, which is typical for hounds, but other breeds sometimes find this off putting.

Adelaide is much smaller than a greyhound, due to the whippet in her, but she can still take up quite a bit of space in her foster humans bed, which she regularly commandeers for snuggles. That said she can 'pretzel' herself up quite well on to any obliging humans lap. As you've probably guessed by now, she just loves her cuddle time and is a true lover! Adelaide is very much an indoor dog, afterall that's where humans keep their couches, but she'd love a nice big yard to zoom in when the mood takes her fancy. A doggy door would be great so she can sunbake and couch surf depending on the weather! She needs very secure fences as if lonely or bored she may just take herself for a wander.

Little Addy has now been tested cats and has quickly learnt cats are boss and not to be messed with! She will happily live with a calm self confident feline friend. She has not been tested with other pocket pets but lives with chickens and shows no interest in them. Adelaide would also be great with kids, she's very mild mannered and happy to please and loves everyone.

Adelaide will require consistent training, she's just a pup and of course has all the normal hound cheekiness and being so young she has a lot of time to learn new things, she'd thrive with formal training. She's generally no fuss and an easy going gal, she does need daily exercise to keep her mind and body fit, other wise her cheeky hound traits might make an appearance. She doesn't need a huge amount of exercise, but she does need daily exercise and play time.

All up Adelaide is a total lover, so eager to please with lots of loyalty and a giant heart. She is housetrained and has basic training and comands and is a lover of all dogs and humans. If you can give this absolutely stunning young girl a forever home, please fill in an adoption application. 

Name:  Adelaide
Breed: Greyhound x Whippet x Supermodel
Age: 12 months
Microchip: 953010001739241
Vet Checked: Yes
Adoption Fee: $500
Desexed Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Flea Treatment: Yes


Dog Adoption Policy

Dog Adoption Policy

Please note: completing an adoption form does not guarantee that an adoption will take place.

Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. reserves the right to choose the most suitable applicant and reject those deemed less suitable.

Occasionally, there can be multiple applications for the one animal and there is NO 'First In - Best Dressed' - the multiple applications are vetted for the most suitable.

We do our utmost to contact all applicants, including those who are unsuccessful, to inform them of the result but as we are staffed by volunteers, most of whom work full time, occasionally responses are overlooked and we apologise in advance if this occurs.

MAR does not adopt to those who are not permanent residents of Australia.

Dog Adoption Process

Dog Adoption Process

Application Form completed (Dog Adoption Application), with as much detail as possible including any questions you have and information about existing pets

Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. reviews and contacts successful applicants within approx 3-5 days

Meet and Greet and yard check with the dog/puppy is arranged at a convenient time for both the MAR representative/foster carer and potential adopter, including introductions to existing animals and all members of the potential home.

If there are no issues, the dog/puppy is potentially able to stay at the home from this time for a 2 week trial period to ensure the match is compatible.

Adoption form is filled in and adoption fee paid (refundable within the 2 week trial period)

Adoption Pack including any relevant certificates and medical documentation is provided after the 2 week trial period.



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