How can I get involved?

The first step is to fill in and return the Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc Foster Care Application Form. This tells us a little about you, your lifestyle and what type of animal would suit you best; Dogs, Puppies, Adult Cats, Pregnant Pets, Female Cats with a Litter, or Kittens. It's also important that you let us know how many animals we can place in your care.

Our Foster Care Co-Ordinators will then go through this form and assess your suitability. They will then be in touch with you to arrange a house inspection to ensure any animals placed in your care, along with any other pets and/or children you may have will all be safe.

Things we look for are secure fences and enough space for dogs to play, can cats be contained indoors, and will they receive enough attention and exercise.

Once your application has been approved, your details will be kept on file. Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. will contact you when we rescue an animal whose needs match with the home you can offer.

It is important to understand that this may not happen immediately. Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. will not place an animal in your care if we feel that an animal is not suited to your situation or that there is an unreasonable level of risk to anyone’s safety. It may take time but please be patient; we have not overlooked your offer.