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If you find injured wildlife:

If it is safe for you to do so, please consider taking it directly to your nearest veterinary clinic for assessment. Most vets will not charge to treat native wildlife. Use a towel or blanket to cover the animal, pick it up gently and firmly, and place it into a well-ventilated box for transport. Please do not transport unsecured or in the boot of your car.

Stress can kill an animal, so please keep the animal warm, dark and quiet and do not attempt to give any food or water.

Please note: Most wildlife (even incapacitated ones) are not friendly. If you are going to try to pick up an injured animal, please use a towel or something else to protect from scratches and keep the animal calm and confined. If you are not comfortable approaching it, please call one of the numbers below ASAP for advice.

For non-emergencies, please consider using the websites listed as first port of call. They all contain a lot of information about how to care for wildlife while waiting for assistance.  These organisations and carers are volunteer-based and not for profit.

For all emergencies (injured, orphaned or sick animals) please call one of the numbers below ASAP.

The following resources are all available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Wildlife Victoria (Statewide)
P: 1300 094 535

Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service (Statewide, Bendigo based)
M: 0427 301 401

Wildlife Rescue and Information Network (Statewide, Bendigo based, VIC)
M: 0419 356 433

Help for Wildlife (Statewide Victoria)
M: 0417 380 687

Nigel’s Animal Rescue Service (Southeastern suburbs)
M: 0427 533 083

AWARE Wildlife rescue (Frankston VIC)
M: 0412 433 727

Wildlife Rescuers (Northern suburbs)
M: 0417 506 941

BADGAR Wildlife Rescue (Greendale – Near Bacchus Marsh)
P: 1300 223 427

WHOMP (Wildlife Help - Mornington Peninsula, VIC)
M: 0417 380 687

Michelle Phillips at South Oakleigh Wildlife Group
P: 03 9503 9872
M: 0411 600 591

North East Victoria Wildlife Rescue
M: 0437 118 281

East Gippsland Wildlife Shelter Group
P: 03 5154 8581

CorellasNon-affiliated carers:

Yvonne Cowling (Boronia) - Specialised Possum Care;  on (03) 9762 3803
Sari in (Boronia) for specialist bird care on (03) 9729 1737
Foa's Ark (Beechworth, Near Albury, VIC) on (03) 5728 2649

Kangaroos usually need to be sedated by professional rescuers and possums DO have claws and won't be afraid to use them! If you find yourself with an injured possum, confine them to a pouch or pillowcase or towels if you don't have a cage. Just make sure they have airflow. Contact Help For Wildlife or Wildlife Victoria if you find yourself with an injured kangaroo. Pinkies or newborn ones in the pouch are safe to do by yourself, but be cautious with larger animals.

Check pouches of kangaroos, wombats and possums if they are deceased, and check for any surviving or injured young. Remove very gently, and cover in a towel or shirt to transport.  Often, the mouths of very young joeys are fused to their mother's teat and the tender mouth can be easily damaged when trying to remove the joey from the pouch and the teat.  If the mouth and teat are fused - and there is absolutely no doubt that the mother is dead - then it is necessary to cut the teat close to the mother's body and then remove joey and teat from the pouch.  If you are squeamish about doing this, seek advice and possibly for experienced rescuers to attend.

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If you witness of acts of cruelty:

First of all, it is very important to not put yourself in harms way.  People are unpredictable, and if they are being cruel to an animal, it is feasible that they may be cruel to you too.

All cruelty to animal should be reported to the RSPCA immediately; P: 03 9224 2222

It is important to gather as much detail and proof as possible to assist the RSPCA to investigate. Where possible, take photos or video to document any cruelty acts or violations. Write down as many details as you can, including the time, date, location and the identity of any people involved if known.

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