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Harley and Marlowe enjoying their new home and new family - adopted in January 2018.




Introducing the 'Dream Team' of Harley and Marlowe


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In 1992 the US Basketball team was known as the Dream Team and won gold at the Olympics. We now have a new Dream Team of Harley and Marlowe and, if they were handing out medals for cuteness, they would be covered in gold.

These two litter mates are now up for adoption and it will be equivalent to winning the lottery (only better) for the person or family who is successful.

Harley and Marlowe are completely bonded as brothers and, like death and taxes, there is a third of life’s certainties that they will not (and never should) be separated – so please don’t even think about asking to adopt only one. Harley and Marlowe are a package and will only be adopted together to the perfect applicant.

While they are totally bonded there is plenty of affection left over for their new owner/s. These two are the epitome of perfect companionship. They are both loving, quiet, no fuss doggies. Just looking at them makes your heart melt.

Not much is known of their previous lives but it would seem that they did not spend too much time (if ever) inside a house. They can be skittish around very mundane things like a broom or a mop being used. Now, however, that they are inside dogs they are loving it and thriving. They love curling up on the foot of the bed for the night and take turns waiting to be lifted onto the bed – even though they can get up on their own!

We do know that the boys are about ten years old Shih Zhu crosses. All their vet work has been completed. They both had dental treatment and are now missing more than a few teeth each. They are healthy with no known existing/on-going health or behavioural issues.

The Ideal Home

Ideally, a quiet home with their new owner home quite a bit as they love their human company. Children who are noiseless – if there is such a thing – but, really, they don’t like too much noise and bustle. They are pretty much toilet trained now but have had access to the back yard via a doggy door which would be great if that could continue. They enjoy their walks and are good on their leads. They are now used to having home cooked meals and enjoy the occasional treats.

Existing Cats and Dogs

The boys have been sharing a home with three other small dogs and four cats including a kitten. As they are so bonded together, they are pretty much indifferent to the other dogs. No problems occurred it just that don’t need or seek out the company of other dogs.

Three of the cats are very dog savvy and the boys were more than happy to share their space (and sleeping on the bed) with these strange creatures – initially they were very unsure about them then just ignored them. One cat is very shy and as she would run away from them, it was an invitation to chase her. Never tried to hurt her but bailed her up a couple of times and then she went out of her way to avoid them.

So calm confident dog-savvy cats would be able to co-exist and, hopefully, become friends in time. 

Name:  Harley and Marlowe
Breed: Shih Tsu X
Age: 10 years approx
Microchip - Harley: 985154000030236
Microchip - Marlowe: 985154000030237
Adoption Fee: $400 each
Desexed Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Flea Treatment: Yes

If you believe you can offer these boys the perfect home, please complete an adoption application. 


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