Tilly  Tilly  Tilly  


This sweet little adorable scruffy pocket rocket is looking for a very special family to help her shine

Tilly is your typical terrier, with spunk and pizzazz wrapped up in a cuddly ever so adorable exterior, and once she knows you she is more than happy to show you how sweet and loving she is. Tilly has led a sheltered life, and due to her past she is slow to accept strangers into her life, but once she learns to trust you her loyalty knows no bounds.

tilly 9 frontTilly dog loves to go on daily walks, despite her tiny little legs, she has 'get up and go' and can get very demanding when she decides its time for her daily stroll!

Tilly also loves snuggles and cuddles, her nighttime and morning routine consists of rolling around dramatically in her human's bed, making sure the blankets are just right for cuddle time (and perhaps to kick you out of bed so you can get up and play!).

Tilly has always lived with dogs and cats, but she doesn't like to compete for attention, and her nervousness means that sometimes she acts before she thinks. So while she loves to have play dates and walks with other dogs she is best to go to a home without other animals so she doesn't have to share her families love.

Tilly has always lived with children but is best suited to older kids and teenagers. Due to her nervous nature, even though she has improved in leaps and bounds since coming into care, a quiet household would be best for her. She currently lives with a boy in her foster home and the two are best buddies, so having dog savvy kids to play with would be right up her alley.

Tilley loves human companionship and would prefer to have a forever family that doesn't leave her home alone all the time. She needs to get her daily quota of cuddles in to keep her happy, so people who are gone for most of the day would upset her. Having a doggie door in the house would be a bonus in her eyes, she likes to come and go as she pleases, when she isn't following you around like a little shadow.

If you have a love of scruffy terriers and understand the needs of shy dogs who need a helping hand to boost their confidence, and want a new BFF, please take the time to fill in an application with as much information provided as possible - Adoption Application


Name Tilly
Age 6 years
Breed Australian Terrier x
Sex Female
Vaccinated Yes
Desexed Yes
Microchip 956000003019879
Worm & Flea Treated Yes
Adoption Fee $500
PR Source Number: EE101639


Tilly  Tilly  Tilly 

Tilly   Tilly  Tilly  


Dog Adoption Policy

Please note: completing an adoption form does not guarantee that an adoption will take place.

Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. reserves the right to choose the most suitable applicant and reject those deemed less suitable.

Occasionally, there can be multiple applications for the one animal and there is NO 'First In - Best Dressed' - the multiple applications are vetted for the most suitable.

We do our utmost to contact all applicants, including those who are unsuccessful, to inform them of the result but as we are staffed by volunteers, most of whom work full time, occasionally responses are overlooked and we apologise in advance if this occurs.

MAR does not adopt to those who are not permanent residents of Australia.

Dog Adoption Process

Application Form completed (Dog Adoption Application), with as much detail as possible including any questions you have and information about existing pets

Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. reviews and contacts successful applicants within approx 3-5 days

Meet and Greet and yard check with the dog/puppy is arranged at a convenient time for both the MAR representative/foster carer and potential adopter, including introductions to existing animals and all members of the potential home.

If there are no issues, the dog/puppy is potentially able to stay at the home from this time for a 2 week trial period to ensure the match is compatible.

Adoption form is filled in and adoption fee paid (refundable within the 2 week trial period)

Adoption Pack including any relevant certificates and medical documentation is provided after the 2 week trial period.





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