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A copy of the Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. Adoption Policy and Process is attached at the bottom of this profile.

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Introducing Darryl

darryl 4 large tnDarryl is your typical staffy puppy - he is energetic, playful, incredibly cute and soooo filled with love!

Darryl is a well mannered little boy, he is quiet and loves spending time outside running around the garden with his sister. He happily sleeps with his sister during the night and isn't needy or demanding of human attention which is pretty unique for a staffy pup of his age. Other than cuddles, his two big loves are toys, and food! He will do anything for a tasty treat and is very easy to train. Since around 5 weeks old he can sit on command, he will sit and patiently wait for dinner, he doesn't get under foot and knows not to barge through doorways but to sit and wait to be told he can go through.

Darryl is very attached to his sister and thoroughly enjoys her company. He is VERY excitable around other dogs however, and he does need work on how to appropriately greet others. He looooooves cats, but cats aren't really a fan of him, he has no boundaries when it comes to cats and is very insistent they must be sat on and licked all over! Darryl needs to go to a home that will attend puppy school, if you do not have any plans to take him to puppy school, and then further formal training when older, please do not apply.

Darryl is on the way to being lead trained, he loves going for strolls in his carers quiet neighbourhood, in typical puppy fashion though he finds everything exciting so wants to investigate everything! He will need further work on his leash skills and confidence when out and about, which puppy school will help to achieve.

Darryl is still getting the hang of toilet training, after all he is a puppy so his new family need to be patient and willing to help him be the best dog ever! Puppies are a lot of responsibility, they require a lot of supervision, a lot of training, and will make a lot of mess so his new family have to be 100% committed to the job.

If you are after a new best friend with a great personality who is filled with love and intelligence, understand the needs of the staffy breed and are committed to training and socialisation please apply via this link Dog Adoption Application.

If you have any further questions please email us at melbournerescue [AT] gmail [DOT] com


Name:  Darryl
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Age: 3 months
Microchip: 95600000162883
Vet Checked: Yes
Adoption Fee: $600
Desexed Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Flea Treatment: Yes



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