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List of All Cats and Kittens Available for Adoption

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  • TOM TOM is an affectionate and energetic cat. But don't worry he is equal parts lethargic as energetic (he is a cat after all!). His favourite two activities are getting lots of pats and lazing around the house or, as we call it, snugging and floppin... Read more ...
  • LUKA This handsome devilish lad is looking for a fun loving family to charm. Luka is 2 years old and has a young spritely personality. He loves to play, he loves toys, he loves cuddles and any kind of attention. He has an A++ in personality, confiden... Read more ...







Cat Adoption Process

  1. Application Form (Cat Adoption Application) completed via our website, including any questions you have
  2. Melbourne Animal Rescue reviews and contacts applicants within approx 3 days
  3. Meet and Greet with the cat/kitten in it's foster home is arranged at a convenient time for both the foster carer and potential adopter
    Adoption Agreement is signed, Change of Ownership form is completed, and Adoption Fee is paid in cash (unless pick up is occurring another day, then a direct deposit can be arranged). This usually happens at the same time as the Meet and Greet if the potential adopter wishes, though this is dependent on how the Meet and Greet goes.
  4. A cat carrier is required to ensure cats/kittens get to their new home safely.
  5. Adoption Pack is mailed after the 14 day trial period


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