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TomTom is an affectionate and energetic cat. But don't worry he is equal parts lethargic as energetic (he is a cat after all!). His favourite two activities are getting lots of pats and lazing around the house or, as we call it, snugging and flopping.

Originally a stray, the now 5yr old he has adapted well to the relative luxury of family life. He likes to nap on the couch, nap on the bed, and nap in the hallway. In between these he enjoys zooming around and making mischief!

TomTom is very affectionate with people; he loves pats and will purr up a storm when he’s in the mood for a cuddle. He generally asks for pats on his own, but he doesn't mind a bit of human initiative when it comes to cuddle time, as long as it's not too full on.

tomtom 7 small listHe would love living in a house where people are home quite a bit during the day; he can get lonely and bored when left alone for long periods. He can be timid when you first meet him but he quickly warms up to people and can form quite a strong bond. TomTom has a glorious thick and floofy coat and he benefits from regular brushing to keep his lion locks looking supreme.

TomToms foster parents report that he likes watching TV and bird videos on youtube are always a favourite. For some reason he hates Peter Andre and growls at him, but who can blame him. So for his own well being we do request a home where Peter Andre is unlikely to make an appearance.

TomTom has lived with a few cats while in care, at the moment he persistently tries to play with one of the resident cats, despite sometimes not being welcomed, and can be a bit full on. He would be fine living with a confident or playful cat, as when bored he tends to get overly playful, a shy reserved cat would most likely get quite annoyed by his persistence. We think he could learn how to get along with a dog but this hasn’t been tested in foster care.

If you are interested in this suburban lion, and need a bit of glorious snuggy floof in your life please fill in an CAT ADOPTION APPLICATION


AGE 5 yrs old
FIV TESTED Yes - negative
MICROCHIP 941000013480893



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