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Introducing Sandy

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sandy 1 small listSassy and scrumptious, Sandy is a little Pomeranian x who will be a great family member for people who like working breeds but only have space for a tiny pocket rocket!

Sandy has the intelligence of a border collie or kelpie, and the energy to match, she is so easily trained and loves having tasks to do, she adores playing fetch and toys are her most favourite thing in the world. She has a variety of commands she can follow 'sit', 'stay', 'drop', 'go to bed', etc and can even fetch toys by name!

Sandy loves having play dates at the dog park, she can run and run and run and takes great pride in herding other dogs like sheep that we think perhaps in a previous life she really was a farm dog! Her leash skills are a work in progress, she gets suuuper excited for walks and her extreme happiness can turn into anxiety, but with more training she will over come this. She currently lives with a variety of other small dogs, and can be a bit bossy when it comes to others stealing her much loved toys, and when it comes to cuddle time she demands prime position on her favourite humans lap. She would love to go to a home with another small high energy dog that she can zoom around with, a calm male who is used to sharing his home with another dog would be the best match for her. Sandy does enjoy being lavished with attention, so being the only dog in a household would also suit her well.

Sandy is not great with cats and smaller animals, she is far too excitable with felines and thinks they are super fun to chase, so she will not be adopted out to a home with a cat.

Sandy loves kids and pretty much all humans, the more attention she gets the better. Active teenagers would be perfect for our stunning little girl, people who will play with her and take her for a run. She may have tiny little legs but she will keep the pace and loves going on adventures.

Sandy doesn't like being left alone for long periods, she does fret and at times can get quite vocal. She is on anti anxiety medication to keep her behaviours in check and she is a much happier dog because of it. Her new family must understand she will need to stay on her medication, which is very inexpensive and very easy to administer. She would love a family that works from home, or a retired active couple.

All up Sandy is a delightful well trained girl, highly intelligent and incredibly loyal. She's so eager to find her forever family that she can love for the rest of her days, one that will allow her to be the centre of attention and involve her in all aspects of family life.

If you think you can provide Sandy with a whole lot of love, patience, exercise and cuddle time, please apply via this link with as much information as possible - DOG ADOPTION APPLICATION

Name:   Sandy 
 Age:   8 years
 Breed:   Pomeranian X
 Desexed:    Yes
 Vaccinated:    Yes
 Parasite Treatment    Flea and Worm
 Microchip    941000013480975
 Adoption Fee    $500


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