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Please ensure that you read the entire profile prior to submitting either an adoption application or an email seeking further information.

A copy of the Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. Adoption Policy and Process is attached at the bottom of this profile.

While we endeavour to reply to all emails and adoption applications within 3-5 business days, time constraints imposed by other responsibilites may delay our response time.


This stunning gentlemen is deliciously handsome and a very well mannered whippet. He is on the search for a warm comfy couch to commandeer and a families heart to well and truly take over!

Mr Piper looooves walks! He’s such a spiritedly chap and gets so excited when it’s adventure time. He’d love an active family that will involve him in outings, trips to the local cafe would be his ultimate dream, the combination of walks and food is right up his alley!

piper 5 frontPiper loves his food, but he’s certainly seems to love other people’s food more! As far as he’s concerned human food is heaven and he’s pretty persistent in getting what he wants complete with puppy dogs eyes, pouts, sad ears and forlorn looks. He knows how to work a crowd and he loves to be the centre of attention when he finds his confidence!

When he’s not strutting his stuff down the street or eyeing off your pizza, Senore’ Piper loves to snuggle, and he does it ever so well! On the bed, under covers, on the couch, even by himself in his crate, the boy loves to snooze in style and if he can force a human companion to join in on a little spooning action he’s in his zone! You’ll never be cold again (or potentially have your bed to yourself again)

Piper is fantastic with other dogs, he’s so tolerant and accepting and laid back. He prefers other quiet dogs, and would loooove having another whippie companion in his new home. He gets a bit shy around dogs with bravado and prefers quieter types particularly when in a new environment. He’s such a sweet heart that even tolerates annoying jumpy puppies and cats do not phase him one bit!

Piper does not currently live with kids in his foster home but seems to gravitate to them when out and about. He’d do best with older kids and not toddlers.

Overall Piper is one amazing chap who ticks so many boxes. He’s an all rounder with great social skills and loves human interaction. He has great manners and nails basic training. He will take a while to warm up in his new home but once he does you’ll be blessed with such a loyal faithful companion

If you are interested in having Piper as your new best friend please apply via his link with as much detail as possible -  Dog Adoption Application


Name:  Piper
Breed: Whippet
Age: 8-10 years
Microchip: 982000153639134
Adoption Fee: $500
Desexed Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Flea Treatment: Yes

Dog Adoption Process

Application Form completed (Dog Adoption Application), with as much detail as possible including any questions you have and information about existing pets

Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. reviews and contacts successful applicants within approx 3-5 days

Meet and Greet and yard check with the dog/puppy is arranged at a convenient time for both the MAR representative/foster carer and potential adopter, including introductions to existing animals and all members of the potential home.

If there are no issues, the dog/puppy is potentially able to stay at the home from this time for a 2 week trial period to ensure the match is compatible.

Adoption form is filled in and adoption fee paid (refundable within the 2 week trial period)

Adoption Pack including any relevant certificates and medical documentation is provided after the 2 week trial period.

Dog Adoption Policy

Please note: completing an adoption form does not guarantee that an adoption will take place.

Melbourne Animal Rescue Inc. reserves the right to choose the most suitable applicant and reject those deemed less suitable.

Occasionally, there can be multiple applications for the one animal and there is NO 'First In - Best Dressed' - the multiple applications are vetted for the most suitable.

We do our utmost to contact all applicants, including those who are unsuccessful, to inform them of the result but as we are staffed by volunteers, most of whom work full time, occasionally responses are overlooked and we apologise in advance if this occurs.

MAR does not adopt to those who are not permanent residents of Australia.




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